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Automated Driveway Gates

Automated Driveway Gates

Gate Automation, Sales and Repairs

Apex Gates is Perth’s automatic gate specialists. We install and maintain automatic gates right across the metropolitan area, and supply nationally.

We are the gate automation provider of choice to some of Perth’s largest fence and gate manufacturers. We also offer a convenient residential service, which includes sales, installations, servicing and repairs.


Are you interested in automatic gates, but don't know where to start? We have some handy advice to help you make the right decision.

At Apex Gates we only use products of the highest quality. Prior to installation, our fully qualified technicians carefully evaluate and test all gates and related equipment to ensure quality assurance and dependability.

Automated Driveway Gates

Welcome to Quikfence.

Quikfence has the complete fencing requirements covered from steel strainer assemblies through to quality gates & hinges, gate automation, wires and even machinery, including being the exclusive Australian Distributor of the unique and highly innovative Post Puncher. Quality, Design, Appearance, Durability and Value have been and are always our sole focus.

A decade of realizing the needs of the fencer has produced the best quality fencing products available to the industry today.

Automated Driveway Gates

Solar Electric Gates: Which Models Are There in Australia?
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Solar powered electric gates satisfy 2 purposes, and are both important in Australia’s outstanding markets. The main reason is often that solar energy electric gates save power and enable individuals to shift away from mains power once setting up electrically powered gates. It’s seen as both an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative. Mains electricity is pricey, and cutting back on its usage would also lessen the range of resources that the person makes use of. Another point to consider is that placing an electric gate needs extra electrical wiring. With a solar energy option, this extra cabling can be avoidable. The equipment is self-contained, and a self-contained system is considerably less electrically complicated.

Electrical intricacy can lead to troubles because it implies that there are many more areas to take apart. Staying away from it implies that problems are avoided. A solar electric gate device will even function in a power blackout. Whoever has stayed in a house which has an electric gate for any time frame has learned the pain of a blackout. It is almost as though the power company is sealing one away of their particular residence. A solar preference allows relief on this department.

With that in mind, a solar powered electric gate opener is a really well-performing type of machinery. Well-maintained models ought to consistently perform well for many years, and most of which can take quite a beating. Considering that hard working farm owners in the country benefit from the majority of these devices, they ought to be.



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