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Automatic Garage Doors

Automated Garage doors : A New Security Measure.

n today’s modern society, most homes include automated garage doors. They are convenient, easy to use, and attractive all at the same time. A sectional garage door is common on houses with more than two stalls. These sectional doors often have separate automated garage doors and sometimes, homeowners can get careless about how the doors are treated.

In order to protect your home, the automated garage door needs attention. The garage doors are one of the most vulnerable places in a home and they can allow intruders easy access. Garages are also often places people keep valuable items such as tools, cars, and sporting equipment. In order to improve the safety of your home and its possessions, take these new security measures into account when it comes to your automated garage doors.

1. Always close the doors

whether you are in the house, around back in your yard, or across the street, always keep your garage door closed. An open door invites the burglars in and it only takes a matter of seconds for your home to be violated.

2. Update garage door openers

Openers have been developed quite a bit since they first came onto the market. The new technology makes it harder for burglars to break codes and unlock automatic doors. If you have an older home, update the garage door opener to help prevent a break in.

3. Consider key chain remotes

Newer openers have key chain remotes that are easy to carry along with your keys. When you get one of these, you can take your opener with you anytime you leave your house instead of leaving it in the car.

4. Maintain the windows in the garage

Just because the garage windows are not insulating your home does not mean they are not just as important. Keep the garage windows in top condition so burglars cannot pry open loose frames or easily climb through windows.

The garage door is the same as a front door

If you treat your garage door like your front door, it should always be locked and bolted. Garage doors are easy to open if they are not bolted shut and many people leave the doors to their house from the garage unlocked. It is easy for an intruder to gain access to the home once the garage door is penetrated.

If you adhere to these garage door security measures, your home will be safer.

Automatic Garage Doors

Garage door repair in New Jersey cities

My New Jersey cities garage door repair specialize in serving its customers with a timely manner. We can guarantee you same day service for your garage door repair and next day service if you need new garage doors. is your door making more noise then average ? Try a door maintenance for quieting even the loudest doors.

Garage doors torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 cycles. The tempered steel experiences tremendous forces each time you open or close the door . Slowly , the steel fatigues with each movement , and eventually will crack and break, mostly releasing its energy in an instant with loud noise or bang. If your using an automatic garage door opener, then you tend to cycle the door more frequently, and mighthave a need for a spring replacement sooner. Over a lifetime, it's very smart to do repairs and maintenance for your garage doors.

New Jersey cities garage door repair 24/ 7

Automatic Garage Doors

Sectional Doors

GarageTech4Less offers a complete range of B&D Sectional Overhead Doors to finish that renovation or building project.

Panelmasta Doors

Panelmasta come in 3 designs (Classic, Caprice & Contmporary). They provide strength and reliability at an economical price, making them the perfect choice for the price conscious renovator or builder.

Panelift Doors

Panelift is Los Angeles premium Pinchfree garage door it is available in 5 designs. All Pinchfree doors are factory fitted with a polypropylene internal hinging system and moulded, glass reinforced polypropylene track curve. The Panelift models are the Statesman, Grange, Federation, Seville and Turino

Both Panelift and Panelmasta doors come in smooth or textured finishes, an extensive colour choice and a range of options such as windows tapers for sloping floors and Emb-a-seal kits.

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