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Bespoke Garage Doors

Rundum Meir - Round the Corner Garage Doors in Timber, Steel and Aluminium.

Rundum Meir have been manufacturing timber and steel bespoke garage doors in Europe since 1968. Manufactured in Germany they have a reputation for outstanding quality and versatility. The factory gained certification for outstanding environmental production methods in 1998 from the Bavarian State Minister for the Environment.

To open and close a Rundum Meir garage door sliding sideways can be carried out with the minimum of ease and produces no problems for vehicles parked directly in front of or behind the door. Open just a little and you have a pedestrian entrance, open halfway for one car on a double width garage or open fully for both cars. Of course there is no restriction on width for triple, quadruple and wider openings in a single door unit or a bi-parting system. The doors are manufactured as either 'original' round the corner doors and are made from individual timber or metal slat sections to almost any size or they are 'side sectional' doors constructed from individual but larger joinery made timber sections enabling almost any design to be created in the panel sections.

Bespoke Garage Doors

A recent installation of a timber garage door and matching automatic gate in Bowdon, Cheshire.


We are manufacturing a bespoke garage door and gate for a new build house in Bowdon, Cheshire they will both need hanging and automating, the up and over garage door in particular is very heavy weighing 230kg and being 80mm thick solid timber. The house it’s self is of very high specification so all equipment used should be of the best quality and have high functionality in order to work together with the house’s home automation system.

Products used:

Garage Door – The weight of this door is approximately five times the weight of a standard up and over garage door so the lifting gear and operator needed to be something really substantial. The products which we chose were the Arcadian AP500 lifting gear and the Novoferm Novomatic 803 garage door operator. The AP500 is universal lifting gear designed to work with up and over garage door leaves weighing 300-500 lbs so was perfect for the task in hand. The Novomatic 803 designed for very heavy doors and is also rated for intensive and commercial use so we could be sure that it’ll stand the test of time as well as having more than enough power to lift the door. The package was finished off with brush strips on the bottom edge of the door and rubber seals along the top edge.

Bespoke Garage Doors

Make Your Garage Door Part Of Your Home Design

At Lakes Garage Doors we understand that buying a garage door is not merely a practical choice and the aesthetics of a garage door are hugely important to you. It takes up a huge amount of the exterior of your home and if it does not fit with the general appearance of your property then it will stick out like a sore thumb. The idea of a blank metal garage door really doesn’t appeal to many people and they want something that will be a little more attractive and even add to the look of their property.

This need for something different for your home has prompted Lakes Garage Doors to stock a range of individual and bespoke garage doors for you to choose from that are sure to satisfy your aesthetic design ambitions. Whether you need something that is bespoke in size, design or even simply the colour then Lakes Garage Doors can help and will ensure that you get exactly what you want. Whatever type of garage door you need, whether it is sectional, side-hinged or any other variation, Lakes Garage Doors can make it to your exact specifications.

Whether you want an ornate, oak garage door to suit your home’s rustic aesthetic or something that will look contemporary and modern as part of your house’s exterior then Lakes Garage Doors have exactly what you’re after. As well as being the perfect visual edition, all of Lakes Garage Doors are incredibly well made and are sure to be an attractive and useful part of your house for years to come.

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