Driveway gate is a family owned business,based in New Jersey that prides itself on manufacturing high quality products and exceptional customer service and support. We specialise in creating the ultimate entrance for any home – beautiful gates in solid oak, made individually for your home and built to last for generations.
We have the knowledge and skills to produce quality ironwork at very affordable prices. We can cater for almost any style of gate fabrication and specialise in automation as an authorised installer for the leading automation company of New Jersey, who lead the way in gate automation.
We manufacture and sell a range of individually hand crafted standard and custom-fit wrought iron gates than any other seller or manufacturer in New Jersey. We also supply a complete line of leading brand accessories and complementary products.
All our gates are carefully designed and produced in our factories by our dedicated manufacturers, using traditional skills, and whichever one from the range you choose, we assure you it has been built to last.
Our team has been manufacturing gates from number of years in New Jersey,this is our website www.driveway-gate.com.
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How to Measure

Measuring a Single Garden GateGarden Gate Width

When planning to purchase a Jacksons garden gate, the width that we state on our website and in our catalogues is the actual size of the garden gate itself (as shown in the diagram).
So when calculating the gate size required or the space a gate will need, please remember to allow for the width of the gate itself, the widths of both posts or wall plates and a 10mm space between each of the posts and the gate.

Measuring a Double Leaf Garden Gate

When we specify the width on our Double leaf gates, it will usually state if it’s by leaf or overall gate size. “1m wide each leaf” for example.
The calculations are the same as a single garden gate but add an extra gate leaf, and also add another 10mm as a clearance between both gate leaves (shown in the diagram below).


Garden Gates can be hung on Standard Posts (641500 – 2.4m long is suitable for 1.8m high gates),Wall Plates , or if installed in a run of fencing using Slotted Posts, slotted end posts are appropriate to match the rest of the fencing (668500 – 2.4 long is suitable for a 1.8m gate).
If a Garden Gate is installed at the beginning or end of a slotted post fence run, we would usually recommend a standard post and a slotted end post to take the run of fencing away from the gate.

Post Options
Situation Standard Post (Qty) Slotted End Post (Qty)
Gate free standing 2
Gate in middle of slotted post fence run 2
Gate at start of end of slotted fence run 1 1

Please note that other gates for example Uni or Entrance will be measured in a different way.
All garden gates include a heavily galvanized ring latch and adjustable hook and band hinges as shown below. The band may change depending on the style of the gate.
If you need further help measuring for a garden gate please call us on 0800 408 2234